About PRIMECorp

PRIMECorp is the organization that manages PRIME-BC by providing operational and technical support for the system, and acting as the custodian of police information and data contained within PRIME-BC.

A ten-member board of directors, composed of senior police officials and representatives from both municipal and provincial government, oversees PRIMECorp. The board is responsible for the organization’s strategic direction and its financial and operational results.


PRIME-BC (Police Records Information Management Environment) is the information management system police across British Columbia use to access data and other critical information that helps them prevent and solve crime. It is the only multi-jurisdictional police records management and computer-aided dispatch system covering an entire province in Canada and has been described as unique, leading edge and a model for sharing police information in North America.

PRIME-BC facilitates the sharing of information between agencies and real-time access to the vital data that supports frontline policing, criminal investigations and crime analysis. The PRIME-BC system supports 13 independent and provincial police agencies and 135 RCMP detachments in British Columbia. More than 10,000 police officers interact with PRIME-BC.